2003 Nik Huber “Orca” #3 185 Goldtop

The Blue Book Says:
Instruments currently built in Rodgau, Germany. Distributed by Nik Huber Guitars of Rodgau, Germany, and they are available by a few select dealers in the USA. Nik Huber has been producing guitars since 1993.

Luthier Nik Huber started building guitars in 1993. Huber’s family has been woodworking for four generations. His dad built him an electric guitar at an early age, and he started playing in bands when he was 10. After he graduated from school, Huber went into cabinet making. He then attended a guitar-making school in Formentera, Spain. He started spending all of his time working on guitars, and shortly therafter opened a small guitar store where he also repaired and built guitars.

Nik Huber Guitars were only available in Europe at first, but they have been introduced into the U.S. recently. Huber builds all guitars one at a time, and he does not use machines such as CNCs. All tops are carved by hand. For more information or a list of U.S. dealers, contact Nik Huber Guitars directly or visit their website.

The previous owner says:
One small mark near vol 1 but no paint breakage – cant easily see it unless orientating guitar – this was made in 2003 by Nik before they put Orca on the fret board, great guitar – with the Haussel pups you can play anything from Jazz to Blues to Gary Moore…
***** these run about £5700 if you can find one -so grab yourself a bargain. Set up by Terry at TJC Guitars perfectly with Elixir 10s, original Huber tweed case some wear as you would expect for 11 years. specs on Niks website @
Except these changes the neck was a bit thinner than today (D-Shape), so about 22 at the first and 23,5 at the 12th fret. It’s a compound radius (10″ to 14″) and we use medium jumbo extra hard fret wire (not stainless steel! But new silver) 2,49 x 1,19 mm. The nut is 42,5mm…

I say:
I can only find two marks on the finish of this 14 year old – one near the Bridge volume knob and one on the lower side of the bass bout – both clearly shown in the pictures.
Having bought my Nik Huber Dolphin – I was expecting another “big neck” but was surprised to find a shallower D shaped neck on this one – much more akin to a Gibson ’60’s neck.
The finish and appointments are great, the rosewood fingerboard and frets are in excellent condition.
Electronics are in fully functional and crackle free condition.
The sound is Les Paul all the way – woody thick neck pickup, aggressive topend from the bridge, funky imbetween. The coil tap is a push/push knob on the neck pickup tone – it’s a nice touch but doesn’t alter the tone much – just the output – you could see that as an advantage if you just wanted to clean your amp up a little, or a disadvantage if you were looking for a “single coil sound base” option.