2003 Gretsch White Falcon Model G6136. Filtertron Pickups and Cadillac Tailpiece.

The Blue Book Says:

– single round cutaway semi-hollow body, arched bound laminated maple top, bound laminated maple back and sides, two bound f-holes, three-piece maple neck, 22-fret bound rosewood fingerboard with pearl block (early models) or thumbnail (later models) inlays, bound peghead with pearl gold sparkle logo inlay, three-per-side tuners, ebony/metal tune-o-matic bridge, Cadillac (disc. 2005) or Bigsby tailpiece, raised gold plexi pickguard with flying falcon (Black Falcon and White Falcon) or a silver plexi pickguard (Silver Falcon), two FilterTron pickups, control layout #1 (early models, four knobs, one switch) or control layout #2 (later models, three knobs, two switches) chrome (Silver Falcon) or gold (Black Falcon and White Falcon) hardware, available in Black (Black Falcon and Silver Falcon) or White (White Falcon) finish, 17 in. body width, 2.75 in. body depth, 25.5 in. scale, mfg. 1989-present.  The original White Falcon reissue was advertised as a “perfect replica of the 1955 White Falcon.” This style included block fingerboard inlays, a horizontal headstock logo, and control layout #1 (four knobs, one switch). In the late 1990s/early 2000s, the G6136 was redesigned to be an even more exact replica of the 1955 White Falcon with pearl humptop inlays and a vertical headstock logo. Once Fender took over in 2003, the G6136 was redesigned with thumbnail fingerboard inlays, a horizontal headstock logo, and control layout #2 (three knobs, two switches).

I say:

A stunning example of this classic design.  

Body and neck lacquer is unmarked, but has started to discolour as is usual with these guitars in response to sunlight.  I actually prefer this as the original is “too white!”

Contrary to what the bluebook description says, I believe the unmarked fingerboard to be ebony rather than rosewood, and the inlays are quite stunning, detailed with various “wings.”

The gold plating is still in great condition, with only the very lightest of corrosion marks (really very minor pitting!!)

All electronics are fully functional and crackle free.  The unpinned bridge is a roller bridge style that allows for individual string width placement.