1999 Fender USA American Standard Jazz Bass V Five-String Vintage Sunburst

The Blue Book Says:

Jazz Bass: American/American Standard Series (1988-Present Mfg.)
Fender has continuously produced a standard American Jazz Bass since the mid-1980s, but there are three distinct models within the series. The first series was called the “American Standard Jazz Bass” and produced between 1988 and 2000. At the Summer 2000 NAMM show, Fender introduced the new “American Series” that was announced as an evolution of the American Series. Changes included a non-veneered body, rolled neck edges, a rounded body radius, a graphite reinfoced maple neck, cast/open-back tuners, two bi-pole pickups, and a three layer parchment/black/parchment pickguard. At the Winter 2008 NAMM show, Fender introduced the third round of the American Jazz Bass, and the name reverted back to the old one as the “American Standard Jazz Bass.” Changes include a new High Mass Vintage bridge, new tuners, a new tinted neck treatment, thinner finish undercoat, and all basses come with an SKB molded case. In spring, 2012, Fender introduced the fourth version of the American Standard Jazz Bass with the major change being the introduction of Custom Shop pickups.

American Standard Jazz Bass V Five-String (1988-2000 U.S. Mfg., No. 019-2500)
– similar to the American Standard Jazz Bass, except in five-string configuration and five-on-one-side tuners, mfg. 1995-2000.

I Say:

For a guitar of this age – it is really in good condition.

No marks on the neck and headstock.  On the body there are a couple of scratches on the rear of the upper horn and a few “stand” scratches around the lower rear edge.  

The sound is good and full as you’d expect, but with plenty of “pop” when you start slapping!

The electronics are all original and crackle free.

The moulded case is in good condition and has all catches working.