1997 Heritage H150 CM Almondburst

Built in 1997 at the old Gibson Factory in Kalamazoo.  Built in the same way that they used to build the legendary ’59 Les Pauls – By Hand!

Mahogany body and set neck, curly maple top, finished in what I believe to be called Almondburst.  Rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, Schaller pickups, tailpiece and roller bridge.  Grover tuners. Original Hardcase included.

The neck shape is a shallow D – really slim front to back – somewhere between a Gibson ’60’s neck and and a slinky Ibanez style neck. Low action makes this very easy to play.  The pickups are good and provide great classic blues and rock rounds.  They could be coil tapped quite easily  – I’ve done this on my favourite Heritage, and that gives a good range of single coil tones too.

The guitar is in GREAT condition with only a few rather minor scratches to show for its 15 year existence.