1976 Gibson SG Standard – Cherry – With customised 3 pickup configuration.

The Blue book says… SG STANDARD (1972-1987 MFG.) – similar to SG Standard, except has pearl block fingerboard inlay, stop tailpiece, pearl crown peghead inlay, chrome hardware, available in Cherry (most common), Ebony (rare), Natural, Satin Walnut, Tobacco Sunburst, Walnut, or White finish, mfg. 1972-1987, approx. 17,400 mfg. through 1979. Approx. 260 SG Standards were mfg. with Bigsby vibratos. In 1976 Cherry, Tobacco Sunburst and White finishes became available. A left-hand model in Walnut finish was available from 1973-79. From Me: This is most definitely a well used and travelled instrument.  Structurally sound i.e. no neck breaks, cracks etc  the bodywork does bear the battle scars of an active life.  Chips, Dinks and scrapes – it’s got them all!  the rosewood fretboard is in good condition, and the original wide low frets do show some signs of fret wear. At some point in the 90’s someone has routed a hole for a third middle pickup, and has installed a good PAT No. Gibson pickup.  The routing job is not pretty, but doesn’t show when the pickup is in place.  The other two pickups are the typical 1970’s “tarback” pickups. The pickup selector gives the usual Gibson N/B&N/B setup, and the middle pickup can be added in any amount to the above.  This is achieved by a fairly standard rewiring job where  (as compared to standard Gibson Layout)…. The Neck tone pot is now Bridge Volume. The Neck Volume is now the Middle Blend/Volume The Bridge Volume is now the Neck Volume. The Bridge Tone is now one “Master Tone” This arrangement actually makes more sense when the guitar is strapped on – as the 3 volume controls now line up as Neck-Middle-Bridge with a tone control tucked away behind… Low action – and such a sound – strangely the first time I played it I started with Jazz Chords – and it was rich and full the optional dialling in of the middle pickup seemed to swell and enhance the sound and bring a whole new palette.  All I need to do now is wait for the wife and kids to go out so I can try out my repertoire of AC/DC licks 🙂