1964 Hofner Colorama II Red

I say…

Bought this as a wreck and have done it up.

As far as I can tell, apart from one vintage original but replacement tuner (the high E one in the pictures), it’s all original.  The idiosyncratic wiring is proving a challenge for me to work out, but the pots are all dated as 1964 and do “something” to the sound….

It plays OK – I remember these as “cheese graters” back in the day – but the action on this is OK and playability is OK.   The trem arm is a bit of a pain as it can’t be easily removed and therefore there’s no way of putting this in a case (but I’m working on that!!)

The paintwork as far as I can tell is all original, and just has a few dinks in the surface – one is clearly shown in the pictures, but I’d say that there are about 3-4 similar around the front, the back is remarkably clean.  Frets are OK and the rosewood fingerboard is in good condition apart from one chip between the 3rd and 4th fret on the treble E side – shown clearly in the pictures.

I’m not actually sure what the controls do – I’d expected a Gibson -esque rhythm and bridge volume and tone setup, but the front volume seems to be some sort of “master volume, the second volume controls the bridge pickup – but I’m not sure how – it actually seems to work in reverse!, and goodness only knows what the tone pots are doing and to whom!  (If anyone reads this an knows what the pots are meant to do I’d love to know!)

Good project,  and I’m pleased with the final piece.  However I would venture that it’s worth more to someone for sentimental value rather than as a player’s instrument!