1963 Gibson ES-125 T 3/4

Blue Book:


– arched maple top, f-holes, 16.25 in. by 20.25 in. by 3.375 in., raised black pickguard, bound body, maple back, mahogany sides/neck, 14/19-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay, adjustable rosewood bridge/trapeze tailpiece, blackface peghead with pearl logo inlay, 3-per-side tuners, nickel hardware, single coil pickup, volume/tone control, available in Sunburst finish, variations mfg. 1941-1943, and 1946-1970.

ES-125 T

– similar to ES-125, except has a thin body, 16.25 in. by 20.25 in. by 1 3/4 in. deep, 24 3/4 in. scale, mfg. 1956-1969.

ES-125 T 3/4

– similar to ES-125 T, except has a 3/4 size body, 22 3/4 in. scale, mfg. 1957-1970.


I’m tempted to use words like “Sweet” or “Cute” to describe this, simply because it’s so small – BUT  – to be fair this is more like an ill mannered dwarf who resents the “diminutive” comment and bites you back!

Sonically it’s very vibrant and lively even acoustically – with a surprising amount of bass for such a small bodied guitar.  The neck plays in tune throughout it’s scale length – quite an achievement for a 3/4 size guitar.  Plug this baby in and you’re in instant “Blues” territory – the single P90 gives a biting sonic imprint.  The pickup is a replacement unit, but has a great sound with plenty of dynamic range.  Equally – the bridge is a replacement – Tune-O-Matic style but in my opinion provides more flexibility than the original bridge.  I suspect that the tailpiece may also be a replacement as it looks as new as the bridge.

Plenty of beautiful lacquer checking in the finish – but to me this is all just character.

Essentially its a 50 year old piece of wood with “upgrades” to the electronics! The small neck does take a little getting used to, but it’s worthwhile!