Guitar Honey Update

This evening I spoke to Harvey Gerlitz regarding the use of naptha/alcohol to clean and degrease fretboards prior to the use of Guitar Honey.

Harvey Says “In my years of guitar repair I’ve used naptha, alcohol, turps & various cleaners, degreasers, etc…. basically that’s how I arrived at the Guitar Honey formula.  Guitar Honey has a very high quality form of mineral spirits, which does (in my opinion) the best overall job of cleaning & degreasing (as well as oiling).

Degreasing with naptha, etc. before treatment with Guitar Honey really shouldn’t be necessary.  I’ve found a thorough cleaning of the fingerboard with #0000 steel wool prior to treatment with Guitar Honey is as complete a “system” of fingerboard conditioning/dressing as is needed (short of something fairly in need of professional repair).”

I guess that once again Harvey has thought of everything!

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