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Returning home – how you are helping us get children off the streets

In the last month, with your help, we managed to put smiles on the faces of hundreds of street children through our feeding and outreach programmes. We were even able to locate the homes and families of six of these children, whom we repatriated by returning them to their families.

One child, twelve-year-old Brian, was living with his mother and his grandmother, until his mother

moved to a different city looking for work. This affected Brian badly, so he decided to run away from home. We found him on the streets of Eldoret. Once we discovered his family, we took him back home. His grandmother told us that she had been looking for him and was so happy that we brought him back home safely. She forgave Brian for running away and promised to take care of him.

So many of the children we meet on the streets have run away from homes and family members. We do our best to find out where they are from and, if the home life isn’t dangerous for the child, return them to their families. However, each repatriation case costs money. Won’t you please help us get more children, helpless and vulnerable children like Brian, off the streets?

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