Gerlitz FAQ

Here are some Gerlitz FAQ.

From Michael Norwood:

Hi, I recently got some of the Gerlitz products (via ebay) which I am delighted with – they really work!! Just a small question – should you use the wax after the smudge remover or the other way round , or maybe they are just for individual use? Thanks,

I find the smudge off first then the wax – otherwise the wax seals in the fingerprints!  If your fingerboard is very grubby or rough – gently try a little grade 000 wire wool with the guitar honey – brilliant result!

In general I’d do Honey first.  Then clean spillage and marks off with the Smudge off.Then No1 wax the body/laquered areas.


From Paul Senior:

Hi, Are these products good for cleaning tarnishing tuners?


Tarnishing tuners……

Hey I’d love to say these will sort you out.

The “smudge off” will get rid of grease etc off the tuners, but to be honest you’d be better using T cut – you know the car finish restorer – on metalwork.  If it’s delicate or old, you might be better with something more delicate like “burnishing cream”  – I got some from my local hardware shop.

If the tuners are pitted there’s not much you can do other than scrape it, and the finish, off with wire wool and then call it “relic-ed.”

My products are primarily designed at cleaning and caring for the woodwork.  The “Smudge off” does do a great job of cleaning ALL other parts, but if your problem is oxidation of the metal, you can only go down the route of complete abrasive removal.  ”Smudge off” is good, but it’s not alchemy!

Thanks for asking



From milley123dog

Dear philipguitar,

How many grams in the tin, and is it hard or soft please?

Hi there thanks for the enquiry.

The wax is a soft wax, softer than beeswax etc. melting to an oily consistency with body heat.  It comes with it’s own sponge applicator that you wipe over the surface of the guitar to deliver the wax in the correct amount.

It’s dead easy to use, and weirdly it smells fantastic.

I’m not altogether sure how many grams there are in a tin, but it measures 7cm diam by 2.5cm depth.

It really is great stuff, and at this price can’t be beaten!

A quick go with the weighing scales puts a full tin at just over 100g, so my guess is that there’s 100g of wax in the tin.

Thanks again.



From John M Robson

Dear Sir,

I have seen an advert for your Gerlitz polish products it is advertised at £13 for the package which includes a cloth. I live in the North East of England but haven’t come across this anywhere do you sell by mail order.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there – in the “Guitarist review”  They also list my website (given below as a link).  If you go on there you can order and pay via Paypal – which (I think) accepts credit cards.

Please check out my “sponsors” pages to see why I’m doing this.

I will despatch items when the cheque/payment clears.

Many thanks for your interest.



From John Greenhill

Hello, I just recieved my order.  Thankyou for the fast delivery .  Just a few questions

Which cloth is for which application?

I have the fluffy blue one and the other cream one.

I am guessing use Smudge Off first, then wax ?

Any information you can give me on how best to use the wax, how much do I use ?


Not a problem.

My general procedure is as follows: 

1. Remove strings

2. Spray fingerboard with “Guitar Honey” and use an old cloth to clean off all the finger grease etc.  If necessary polish the frets and “exfoliate” the fingerboard using guitar honey and 0000 wire wool.

3. Use an old cloth to remove any excess wire wool bits (don’t let them get on the pickups) and excess guitar honey.  Apply a new coating of guitar honey, leave to soak in (sometimes this is overnight with really dry necks! More often though it’s a matter of leaving if for 10 mins to soak.)

4. Use “Smudge off” to clean the body of the guitar.  Use the Blue Fleece cloth to buff to a shine.

5. I use Smudge off and the “chamois” for metalwork cleaning (pickups, control plates, chrome tuners etc)

6. Lube the bridge screws and any other moving parts with 3 in1 oil.

7. Polish the neck with the Blue cloth – the Guitar Honey should have soaked in by now!

8. Using the foam pad in the Nº1 Wax tin apply a coating over all the paintwork.  Leave it for a few minutes.

9. Buff to a shine with the Blue Cloth.

10. Use the chamois without the other products to clean inbetween times.  It’s structure alone will remove most marks.  If anythings being stubborn add a little smudge off!

I hope that helps.



I’ve just been quizzing Harvey regarding the use of Naptha and Alcohol on fingerboards to remove finger grease…..

Harvey Says “In my years of guitar repair I’ve used naptha, alcohol, turps & various cleaners, degreasers, etc…. basically that’s how I arrived at the Guitar Honey formula.  Guitar Honey has a very high quality form of mineral spirits, which does (in my opinion) the best overall job of cleaning & degreasing (as well as oiling).  Degreasing with naptha, etc. before treatment with Guitar Honey really shouldn’t be necessary.  I’ve found a thorough cleaning of the fingerboard with #0000 steel wool prior to treatment with Guitar Honey is as complete a “system” of fingerboard conditioning/dressing as is needed (short of something fairly in need of professional repair).”


How do I Order?

Use any of the emails on the contacts page….


Can you use the Guitar honey on birdseye maple fretboards? Also are there any cautions on using your other products on any types of woods or instruments?

The Guitar Honey was formulated for use on darker tropical type woods (rosewood, ebony, pau ferro, etc.) to work with & enhance the natural oil characteristics that are inherent in those types of woods. Your maple fingerboard probably has (or should have) a hard synthetic finish of some sort (lacquer, polyurethane, etc.) to protect it. Guitar Honey is not formulated as a hard finish or permanent oil finish in and of itself, so I would advise against using it on un-finished maple. If your maple has a hard finish already, our /No. 1/ paste wax and /Smudge Off/ cleaner / detailer would be very suitable for your neck.

Any of our products would be safe on finished woods, but I would advise against using the paste wax on un-treated wood, as it could possibly make finishing the wood difficult, should you decide to do so at a later date.


It says on my bottle of Guitar Honey for fingerboards, that it contains petroleum distillates. If I get some on the neck finish of my Les Paul electric with nitrocellulose lacquer will it harm the finish?

The Guitar Honey won’t hurt a nitrocellulose finish.

Without giving away our formula, I can tell you that ‘Guitar Honey’ is a mineral oil based formula, which is blended with a very high grade of mineral spirits (for cleansing) along with other proprietary ingredients which give a smooth (not greasy) feel & finish to an instrument’s fingerboard. It contains NO silicones or other ingredients which would be harmful to an instrument’s fingerboard, frets, binding, finish, inlays or structural adhesives, when used as instructed.

We developed our unique formula in conjunction with one of the nation’s top paint & finish chemists, with very strict guidelines for the specific needs of stringed instrument fingerboards. For over fifteen years, we’ve shared an on-going close relationship with the chemist’s company, who meticulously formulate ‘Guitar Honey’ to our rigid specifications. I am very particular about my guitars & how I treat them. You can rest assured in the integrity of our product, and I’m quite sure you’ll always be very satisfied with the results. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


I read your FAQ but didn’t find anything regarding the Smudge Off being harmful to Nitro finishes. Could you please let me know if Smudge off is safe for the Nitro finish on my guitars?

Thanks for your inquiry. Smudge Off is totally safe & works great on nitrocellulose, as well as all lacquer finishes. There are no ingredients that would be harmful to the finish in any way.


Thanks again, & please let me know if we can answer any other questions you might have about our products