Tired of running – the story of a desperate street child

Last week, our Programme Manager in Kenya joined Morris, the Feeding Programme Coordinator, on his visit to “the barracks” – a place where street kids live in the midst of rubbish. They met with more than 60 street children, who are always happy and excited to see Morris because they know that he brings love and hope.  Many of the children had open wounds, and others had been hurt while running away from the police, who always chase them at night.  They found one child lying in a heap of rubbish, nursing wounds on both of his legs and a twisted, swollen wrist.


Here is his story:

Last night, I was chased by the police. That’s how I hurt myself.  I was taking a nap on the veranda, in town, when the police came. They began chasing after me. I tried to run away, but I tripped and fell. I hurt both my legs and my left arm. My face hurts, too. I’m tired of having to run away.

They gave him antibiotics and pain relievers, and planned a day for a follow-up visit.  They met other children – young ones who are new to the streets, and are even more vulnerable than the older ones. These young ones were high on glue, and kept asking Morris when he was going to repatriate them, or take them to a home, and to school…and the list continued. They remained hopeful despite their circumstances.

We are so encouraged to see the number of children who have been helped through the Open Arms programmes in Eldoret. We desperately want to say yes to every child who asks us for help, but we cannot do it without your support.

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