Dedication of Open Arms Village

On Saturday 6th November, after months of preparation, the Open Arms Village welcomed more that 2,000 guests – more than double what was expected.

Both local and national local government ministers attended, including the Minister of Education, who fully endorsed the project, mentioning that the Open Arms Academy complies with all standards, and commending the school in general.  The District Children’s Officer gave a heartfelt speech, encouraging the community at large to also take up the plight of the children.  As a result of the day, the chiefs and elders have received offers of support from many local businesses – one is already planning on doing something special for the children for Christmas.

The children looked happy, healthy and beautiful in their new outfits and shoes.  They performed a selection of songs, alongside some of the children from the feeding programme.

The happy, exciting and exhausting day finally drew to a close, somewhat later than planned!

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