Currently I’m Rocking…..

I thought that it was time for an update….

  • Guitar >
  • Klotz La Grange Cable with Neutrik plugs >
  • Boss TU-3 Tuner (I like this one now I’ve got used to it!) >
  • Z Vex “Wah Probe” (Still the most intuitive and expressive Wah I’ve found) >
  • Robert Keeley “2 Knob” Compressor (chicken pickin’ sounds to just unbelievable sustain and feedback with driven sounds – otherwise transparent!) >
  • Jaques “Mesitersinger” chorus (Nice, but chorus seems a little dated these days….) >
  • Paul Cochrane “Timmy” Overdrive (Simply awesome range of drive sounds – I use it for a super smooth saturated lead tone with no top end – beautiful and “full phat.”) >
  • Red Witch “Moonphaser” (Beautiful and useful range of very liquid phase/Univibe/Tremolo sounds – it’s totally replaced my Univibe as at least this doesn’t suck tone even when not being used….) >
  • Z Vex “Super Hard On” (Set to the “shimmer” setting at 9 o’clock – the only pedal that’s permanently on…)
  • > AMP (Klotz Cable)
  • Amp FX Send > (Klotz Cable)
  • BBE Sonic Maximiser (The DOOM switch – just makes everything bigger for the moments where you just need to go to “11”)
  • Line 6 DL-4 Delay (Not the best sounding delay I’ve heard, but so useful and flexible it’s become almost indispensable!) >
  • Jim Dunlop VP2 Volume Pedal (Boring – but this way I can drive the effects as hard as I like, drive the amp preamp hard – but still play quietly enough not to scare the neighbours!)
  • > AMP (Klotz Cable).

Still using the EBow quite a lot.

You’ll notice that the Hypothalamus has vanished – Big Design Flaw – I put the holes in the patchbay too close together so that as the jacks wore, they became slack and started touching – resulting in shorting of the signal path. Maybe next Summer Holiday I’ll have a go at rebuilding it……

Interestingly – looking back over all the other sections of this blog I now notice that I’ve only stuck with the delay in the FX loop. This was due to wanting to use effects on the loop on the DL4 – but after a little jiggling around they seem to produce a sound I like in this order.  The only thing I can be sure of – it’ll change again….

The Whole Thing

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  1. Have you solved the problem of velcro’ing pedals successfully so the don’t move about in transit, or on stage for that matter? I’ve found the velcro won’t stick to the pedal properly no matter what I stick/glue it with.

    • Phil says:

      Hi there Dave – Yes I found a supply of double sided tape used to stick carpets down and conveyor belts together – however as that supply runs dry I have resorted to stapling the velcro to the baseboard! – it does the job!

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