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“Deptford John” Armitage on the Gerlitz Products….

Gerlitz Guitar Products

My friend Phil sent me these products to review/try out and here’s what I found.

Gerlitz “Smudge Off”

This product has now become the last stop for me with any guitar I repair. It brings the finish up better than any similar product I have used before.

Gerlitz “Nº1 Carnauba Wax”

This wax has revitalised many finishes to a high standard. The purity of the wax helps incredibly!

Gerlitz “Guitar Honey”

Protects fretboards while leaving them eminently more playable and less greasy than other similar big name products.

Professional “Cloth Duo

These cloths are of the highest quality I have ever seen, only helping to improve the shine and guitar finish a step further.

Deptford John on the “Scratch Remover

I have used many types of guitar polish on many types of guitar finish and this one is definitely in my personal top 10. Applied in small amounts and with enough effort, it will produce amazing results on any high gloss finish guitar. Follow the instructions properly and use the cloth provided with the polish kit and you can breathe new life into your guitar finish. Most of the small, shallow scratches will vanish with 5 or 10 minutes of buffing. Your guitar will look almost as good as the day you bought it. You’ll wonder if you really played it at all!

© ‘Deptford’ John Armitage

Owner of THE GUITAR HOSPITAL chain of repair shops and TPI Magazine Backline Technician of the Year

After 30 years travelling the world with rock and pop superstars, John decided it was time to put his talents to good use nearer home. The result is the Whitstable and London based GUITAR HOSPITAL.

John started his music industry career back in 1978 as a favour for his next door neighbour and has never looked back!

He has repaired and maintained guitars literally across the globe both on tour and in the studio, working with rock acts such as: IRON MAIDEN • THE BLACK CROWES • MOTORHEAD • MANIC STREET PREACHERS • DOGS D’AMOUR • THE VERVE •THE CHOIRBOYS • DEF LEPPARD • STEREOPHONICS • WHITESNAKE • DREAM THEATER • SCORPIONS • PENDULUM with the ultimate rock gig being SPINAL TAP at Wembley Stadium for Live 8 where John had 11 bass players to look after during one song!

He has looked after guitars and basses for the top session players in the UK on massive arena and stadium pop tours over the years including: THE SPICE GIRLS • S CLUB 7 • GEORGE MICHAEL • POP IDOL and the reunited juggernaut that is TAKE THAT – their 2009 tour being an 80 truck tour of the UK’s stadiums where John looked after 5 different musicians.

He has worked with many female artists and their bands including: ANNIE LENNOX • MARIANNE FAITHFUL • ALANNIS MORISETTE • SARAH BRIGHTMAN • NATALIE IMBRUGLIA • MEL C • KYLIE • LILY ALLEN.


John is the MUSICMAN warranty service technician for London and the South East of England.

John also maintains several private guitar collections for various music industry luminaries including MICK JAGGER. As well as maintaining and repairing guitars under extremely pressurised circumstances (backstage, understage, in the dark, mid stadium show, mid song……!) John also builds and maintains guitar systems to create the individual sound required by the guitarist on particular tracks in the studio as well as on tour. He is a specialist in vintage guitars and amps.

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