Burstbuckers – Don’t make me laugh

Removal of the pickups showed that they were not Gibsons (Left).  All Gibsons are engraved or marked in some other way by Gibson, the plastic covered wires was a giveaway too – Gibsons are usually wire braid covered.

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  1. Graeme Park says:

    I have a pair of Gibson humbuckers that I bought in 1974 (cost me 23 each – a small fortune for a 17year old) – one had “Gibson” stamped into the cover, the other has no markings at all. I put them on a Shaftesbury Les Paul Custom copy that i still have to this day. A few years back I had it at Soundcontrol in Newcastle to have a setup and some loose frets fixed – the guitar guy recognized the pups as genuine originals – how I don’t know why. Now Gibson stamp their names on everything. Yes they have bare braided cables.

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