Bedford Guitars

Dean Rowbotham

– Guitar and Backline Tech. for the Prodigy, Bring Me The Horizon and YouMeAtSix!

“I have been using the Gerlitz range of products for years now. The first time I tried them, I felt like I’d discovered a hidden secret! No gimmicks, it just does what it says it’s going to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

I especially love the Blue Plush cloths as they work better than any other product I’ve used in my 15 years as a guitar specialist. They’re easier to work with and once you’ve used them for a bit, you don’t even need to put polish on them anymore because they’re so absorbent.

I stand behind the Gerlitz range and highly recommend them to any player trying to get that “showroom” finish on their guitars. It’s a God send!”

Dean Rowbotham
Bedford Guitars / Sheffield
(Prodigy, Bring Me The Horizon, YouMeAtSix)

Phone: 0114 275 1515