Almost a month in Africa….


After almost a month alone in Africa (Anna’s co-worker initially had visa issues I think),

  • surviving the loss of all her prepared schoolwork,
  • day-long power cuts,
  • no water,
  • flaring Psoriasis &
  • ant infestations!


Anna has finally had chance to send me pics of some of the kids she’s working with!

Great News Anna, and we’re all so proud of you!


Anna writes….

“As of today I have been at Thembelihle for 30 days, one month, one twelfth of my year. It has absolutely flown by and I already feel completely at home. By the end of my second week here I was already referring to it as “home” instinctively when elsewhere.

On another note: The children wanted to thank Phil Broadhurst for his generous donation of money to the home. Thembelihle Home is always in need of donations and it’s going to be part of our job for the next year helping raising funds. The government only subsidise places for around 20 children here but often the home is over capacity at around 30 and so they rely heavily on donations both monetary and goods such as food and clothing.”

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