Philip’s Old Second Hand Guitars (POSH Guitars) is the product of an obsessive love of music.

I’ve come quite a way since my Mum forced me into piano lessons at the age of four!

I ran live concerts during the 80′s for just about anyone who is anyone, flirted with synthesisers for most of the late 80′s and early 90′s, played Jazz/Rock piano & keyboards in bands, worked as a studio/live sound engineer for a while, and underlying all of this was my work in Churches as a Worship leader.

It was the birth of my first son, Joshua, that started this current journey.  I persuaded my wife that I’d buy a Gibson Les Paul Custom as an investment for his 21st present (it seemed like a good idea at the time, but as his 21st approaches it’s losing its appeal!).  As I then had 3 more kids – I bought 3 more “investment pieces.”  Having decided that the family was big enough, when my Mum and Dad passed away I started buying “Commemorative pieces,” and so the collection grew!

I’ve now owned hundreds of guitars (I stopped “justifying” purchases a long time ago!) – and have learned what I can from each, passed some on, and kept others.  These days the collection has actually become “self-financing” and I seem to spend much of my time repairing/modifying/setting up guitars for the people who live near me.

This website is dedicated to my collection, guitars that I have and have had, and products that I believe in.

I do not sell products that I do not use myself and therefore –

If you want product breadth and choice – look elsewhere.

If you want what I believe to be the best – read on….

Thanks for looking.