A New Year in Eldoret

 New Year Celebrations

The start to 2012 has been full of reasons to celebrate:

Home No 5 is complete and has been appointed house parents; Josphat and Lois.  Josphat is a trained pastor and has farming experience, while Lois is a qualified early-years teacher.  Their combined skills and experience will greatly benefit both the Village and the school. They have three boys of their own, and quickly welcomed our most recent new arrival, Brian (aged 8), along with two of the ‘graduates’ (see below) from our baby home.  New children will gradually be added to this new home, allowing time for the new family to settle.

Although the final touches are still being made to Home No 6, it was decided that both homes should be dedicated together, so that Simon Berry, Managing Director of the English Lakes Hotels and his family, who were visiting the Village could take part in the celebrations.  Simon paid tribute to all the members of staff of English Lakes Hotels, who through a series of events helped to raise funds for the home.  He named the home Neema, which means Grace.  Our grateful thanks go to the staff of English Lakes and the Berry family for their incredible support.

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