A new village for Eldoret

“Yesterday, Wednesday, we toured the site of the future Open Arms Village.

As David described the architectural designs for the property we were able to envision the future children who will live here and all the potential for ministry and service.  Much was accomplished today, David had arranged for a local hydrologist to survey the land for placement of the well and the drilling should begin later next week, to bring fresh water for the orphan children and families who live there.

Today, we were humbled to participate in the children’s feeding program in one of the poorest slums of Eldoret.  The children began running toward the bus with huge smiles and waves as soon as they saw us!  I have never seen a group of happier children who are the poorest of the poor and yet they loved on us extravagantly!  There are 93 children in the program, watching them eat was a bit overwhelming.  They ate as though this was the best meal they had ever had!  Pat and Lynn were responsible for handing out the water; we were nearly moved to tears as these precious faces looked up to us with their hands extended and beautiful smiles simply asking for what was probably the only water they would drink today! We stood there and watched them gulp down the water and ask for more.

We all enjoyed the afternoon immensely.  After they had eaten we played games and sang many songs!  At one time or another, everyone on our team found themselves completely surrounded by beautiful black faces with big brown eyes staring into our souls!  It was very difficult to leave – not only was it emotional, but the children clung to us pulling us back from the bus!

We are pleased to return to assist with the feeding program again tomorrow.  In addition to feeding and loving on these children, the nurses of our team will have the opportunity to vaccinate the children against Typhoid, as well as assess other wounds and illnesses.  Many of the children displayed signs of ringworm and GI parasites.  We will also provide de-worming medication.  We observed many children with runny noses and thick coughs, and will assess the need for antibiotics and further treatment.  Several children showed us small wounds on their hands and feet that looked infected, so we will also provide some first-aid wound care.

These children were covered in dirt and their clothing was filthy, as well as ripped in many places.  Most had shoes that did not fit them and many had no shoes at all.  We were greatly humbled and that compels us to serve and give what we can.

Lynn and Paula for the team (Eric, Ruth, Andy, Scott, Maggie, Pat, Jillian, David and Rachel.)”

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