Shackleton’s Christmas Party

Well we can’t have been so bad in September!! Shackleton’s actually paid us to go back and do their Christmas works party!! I seem to remember Dave turning up with a load of college students with video cameras and a crane to record the event!




Surrounded by about seven cameras and only a couple of people on the dancefloor (Shackletons forgot to tell their staff there was a Christmas do!) there was a very dodgy video made of the evening that somehow managed to cut me out of the video altogether!

  • Harder to breathe
  • A little respect
  • Bohemian Like you
  • I only want to be with you

Play that Funky Music

  • My Sharona
  • Can’t stop
  • Gimme some lovin’
  • Are you gonna be my girl
  • Feeling Good
  • Tainted love
  • You spin me right ‘round
  • Somebody told me
  • Kiss
  • Ever fallen in love
  • Town called Malice
  • I’m gonna be (500 miles)
  • Video killed the radio star

PLUS some cracking renditions of “Merry Christmas” and “I wish it could be Christmas” – thank goodness for Alcohol….

Highlight: Jim breaking Dave’s drum kit whilst doing percussion on “Somebody told me”!

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