2006 Gibson ES137 Neck Issues

This beautiful ES 137 arrived this week.  In great condition – apart from a couple of light scratches which I removed using the “Guitar Scratch Remover

But it’s only real problem was how dry the rosewood on the fingerboard had become:

As can be seen in the above photo, the rosewood is bleached looking and incredibly dry – thankfully it’s not cracked though.

Note as well the tarnishing of the frets that has given them a Yellowish dull tinge.

I sprayed with “Guitar Honey” and it was almost immediately absorbed into the fretboard.  I sprayed again – and this time used a little 0000 grade wire wool to polish the frets.

Taking care to wipe the metal pieces from the wire wool AWAY from the pickups, I then polished the fretboard – only to find that it still looked pale.

Unusually I resprayed with “Guitar Honey” – and this time left it overnight with a generous amount resting on the fretboard.

Next morning I cleaned and setup – the fretboard felt smooth and silky and finally had replaced enough of it’s oils to look a respectable colour:

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