#4: Which Cloth To Use To Clean My Guitar?

OK – So I boast about “I only sell products because I love them – NOT THE REVERSE,” so why do I have a whole host of cloths for sale? – I’ll try and summarise…..

  • Gerlitz “Blue Plush” Cloth:  A long soft fibered micro fibre cloth.
    • PLUS POINTS – Absolutely amazing ability to attract dirt – especially when in conjunction with “Smudge Off.”  Provides superior cleaning – reaching into hard to access nooks and crannies around bridges and tuners etc.  Produces a deep shine when buffing with “No 1 Carnauba Wax.”  Can be washed and reused over and over.
    • NEGATIVE POINTS – if you keep this in your guitar case it’ll also attract small particles of wood, metal etc, and then next time you wipe – AAAARGH – scratches – Now you need the “Scratch remover!”
  • Gerlitz Yellow “Chamois”: Micro fibre suede style cleaning cloth.  SADLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
    • PLUS POINTS – Absolutely superb when cleaning chrome, nickel, gold, plastics, gloss finishes – especially when used in conjunction with “Smudge Off.”  Great for final finish “wipedown.”
    • NEGATIVE POINTS – Not as good as the “Blue Plush” for nooks and crannies, not good for the application of products.  Other than that – not much.
  • Eternashine blue cloths: Pocketed micro fibre fleece cloth.
    • PLUS POINTS – Simply the best for the application of the “Scratch Remover” – the pockets hold the product and disperse it evenly over the surface of the instrument – gives you the most effective, efficient and economical use of the “Scratch Remover” product.
    • NEGATIVE POINTS – not as good for buffing as the “Blue Plush”  – still prone to picking up bits of debris from workbenches.
  • Eternashine Deluxe Plush Cloths:  Not quite as soft as the Gerlitz stuff, but still a massive step up from the Basic Pocketed Microfibre.  One side for application, the other for Buffing – it’s like 2 things in one!
    • PLUS POINTS – One side for application, one side for Buffing.
    • NEGATIVE POINTS – you get through your towels twice as quick….
  • POSH Guitars Budget Cleaning Cloths: Tricot style micro fibre cleaning cloth.
    • PLUS POINTS – Cheap.  Not prone to picking up debris. Very Soft, no stitching/labels to scratch guitars. Brilliant for “wipedown” after use, can be kept in the guitar case.
    • NEGATIVE POINTS – Not as good for buffing as the “Blue Plush” cloths.  Not as absorbent as the “Chamois.”  Not good for the application of products such as “No 1 wax” or “Scratch remover.”
  • OLD TOUR T SHIRT: Cotton T shirt – usually with screen print logo.
    • PLUS POINTS – Cheap – gives you an excuse not to bin that “T shirt from the ’80’s, ’90’s etc” – you know the one you remember that girl wearing when she stayed over…….
    • NEGATIVE POINTS – Absolutely awful for your guitar the flaky screenprint acts as an abrasive, as does the lint in the material.  If you want a hazed dull finish – THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU!
  • “HER INDOORS’ YELLOW DUSTER”: Yellow soft lint free duster.
    • PLUS POINTS – Cheap.  She’ll assume you’ve been “dusting” the house. Better than using sandpaper.
    • NEGATIVE POINTS – The solvents used as propellants in household spray cleaners can be an absolute nightmare on Nitro Cellulose finishes and older styles, but hey – if cloudy and dull is your thing use it!  These dusters don’t let go of anything – solvents, debris, dog hair, breadcrumbs, etc. etc. – DON’T GO THERE.  THIS IS THE DARK-SIDE!


Never EVER use a T shirt or household duster on your precious instrument.


For application of products – Eternashine Blue Pocketed Cloths.

For lacquer buffing – Gerlitz Blue Plush – but keep it safe at home!

For metal polishing – Gerlitz Yellow Chamois – but keep it safe – if you’ve got one, it’s a rarity – if you’ve not – get one of my “Budget Cloths”  it’s a close second.

For taking to Gigs and wiping beer and sweat off the guitar – POSH Guitars Budget!


Now do you see why I sell 4 different ones…..


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2 Responses to “#4: Which Cloth To Use To Clean My Guitar?”

  1. Dan Budd says:

    Yes, yes you do have OCD! But it’s a good thing, honest! I was once confronted (in my room) by people I was living with, for the amount of loo roll I was going through!! My only defence was that I used it for cleaning Fast Fret off of my guitar strings 🙂 If only your Gerlitz products had been around in those days of early Rock – could have saved me a friendship and given a better long lasting sheen on my Hybrid Slinkys 🙂

  2. posh_phil says:

    Funny Dan – I still have the container of Fast Fret that you left in with an Aria Pro I bought off you years ago – I love that stuff! It’s been tucked away in with my Ovation Balladeer – possibly for the best part of 20 years!!

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