2016 – Time to Tithe.

As most readers of this are aware.  POSH Guitars was originally set up to raise funds for the support of AIDS orphans in Africa, and young and up-coming worship leaders in the UK.  As a Christian I believe that it is my duty to give 10% of my income to others.  Hence the annual “tithe.”

Weirdly my year runs from June to May (because I started the fund raiser during school holidays in 2008).

This year has been a good year – and I’ve been able to send £4894 to the work of Open Arms International – supporting AIDS orphans and more in Africa.  This is in addition to the monthly commitment to support Shaddy and Leonida (About £680 p.a.) and the £350 given to support Christian Worship leaders in the UK.

Below is a copy of the “Thankyou letter” I received from Open Arms.

Thankyou to each and every one of you who has purchased from me this year – you have all helped in this good work!

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