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How I use the Dr Ice Range…..

Welcome to POSH Guitars

Philip’s Old Second Hand Guitars (POSH Guitars) has arisen not only out of one guys indefatigable enthusiasm for all things wooden with strings, but also from his love of music and creativity.

We firmly believe in a Creator God, who in his creativity gave us a gift. That gift being music, and in our expression of music we give voice to our passion for God.

POSH is not a company, but we buy guitars of a high quality, use them for a while and then sell them on. Sometimes this allows me to make a small profit, and I shift a tithe of that profit on into financing the support of the victims of the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the supply of quality instruments for Christian Musicians who are actively working in a recognised Church fellowship.

Here we supply the Axe Wax range and many other quality products. 

In addition to resourcing Christian worship and creativity, 10% of any profits will be automatically passed on to financing Christian work in Africa, building orphanages to care for the victims of the AIDS epidemic there.

  • “Deptford John” Armitage – otherwise known as “The Guitar Doctor” for Manic Street Preachers, Take That, Alanis Morisette, Iron Maiden, The Black Crowes, Pendulum and many others… Likes my stuff!!!
  • Dean Rowbotham – tech for YouMeAtSix, The Prodigy, Ben Howard and Bring Me The Horizon describes the Gerlitz Range as a “God send!”
  • I just supplied Jonathan Dunford with the full Gerlitz range – He’s the Guitar Tech for Rudimental, Two Door Cinema Club, & Bullet For My Valentine!
  • Ha! – Recently sold a bass to “The Maccabees!”
  • I am supplying British Luthier, Adrian Hardman, of Vanquish guitars with custom care packs that will be given away with each of his superb guitars.
  • Just had a request from Robert Fripp for some of my budget cleaning cloths!!